Vanessa Everett

Welcome to my site!

I apologize for the state of things around here- it is under construction.

***NEW Improved Site! ***

I am still getting this page sorted out, but for now, here are pictures, in no particular order. My other site is much better organized and goes into greater detail about… pretty much everything. However, I have had a few technical issues with it, so I am maintaining both for now. If you have trouble viewing my other site, I recommend using a VPN.

Private consultations: 600/90 min, 700/2 hr, 400/1 hr, 950/3 hr, 1200/4 hr, 1600/6 hr

Dinner or lunch meetings: 600/dinner +1hr, 850/dinner +2hr

“Virtually clock free” dinner dates: $1000, includes up to 2 hrs of private time and copious public/social time.  Ends at or before 2am.

Overnight retreats:  2200

Full day & night immersion program: 3000/24 hrs

I am a member of RS-AVS, P411 (P3983), and TER (TER 65456)

I have reviews on Private Delights, on, and Erotic Monkey. I did have over 100 TER reviews, but those are gone, and I welcome new reviews. I’m proud of how happy I am able to make my partners, and I am pretty confident in my looks and abilities- I am exactly as advertised, only better. I don’t love crass, needlessly explicit reviews, but I believe in transparency to the extent that it does not compromise anyone’s safety or discretion, so I will never say “No reviews” or refuse to see you again or provide a reference if you don’t say I’m the single greatest thing that has ever happened to you.

BOOKING: email

Texting, within reason, and for booking inquiries only- 202 802 3197

I’m on Instagram and Twitter daily, and that is where you will see the most, newest photos, as well as getting a taste of who I am as a person.

I also have a premium Snapchat you can subscribe to for 39.99/lifetime. This is where my nudes are, as well as short video clips.

Cashapp $VanessaEverettChi
Venmo @VanessaEverett
Amazon, Lyft and some other gift cards also accepted, as well as greendot moneypak and Visa/MC gift cards

If you feel like my extensive public social media is not enough to “prove” I am everything I claim to be, I recommend you join my snapchat. I am verified (age, appearance, etc) on every site I use that offers that kind of verification. (p411, Slixa, etc) as well as having reviews. If you don’t use snapchat but MUST have a photo to prove something, you can buy one for $19.99 which I will consider a deposit towards your booking.

Vanessa Everett